The first step to developing a proper security plan is to identify where security is needed, and where site weaknesses are through consultation.

Our licensed, internationally experienced, industry-certified consultants provide detailed site assessments and consultations, resulting in plans and procedures that are preventative, responsive, strategic and tactical in nature. We offer real world solutions for real world problems.

Our consultants will work with your security teams or oversight personnel to ensure that your critical information and discussions are safe. Xpera security consultants research, organize and plan security measures with clients, including assessments to meet the needs of an organization and operations, technological solutions and integrated security systems with process and personnel practice.

Penetration Testing

How do you measure the effectiveness of your security? Real-world testing is dangerous and can have a negative and potentially dangerous impact on your company and its employees. Penetration testing, is conducted by an independent group that challenges an organization to improve the effectiveness of its security. It is particularly effective in organizations with strong cultures and fixed ways of approaching problems. Xpera operatives are licensed, trained and experienced in penetration tests, assessing organization security, often unbeknownst to client staff. This provides a realistic picture of the physical security, policy and procedural compliance and overall effectiveness for our clients.

We also provide online penetration testing, as our Computer Forensics experts and certified white-hat hackers perform targeted breaches of an organization's digital infrastructure to test the organization's defences.

Security Audit

General risks and specific threats to an organization, personnel, assets or reputation, present complex challenges with a broad range of negative consequences, many of which are predictable and avoidable.

Xpera offers security audits to negate this risk and ensure your company is aware of threats to your business and remains in compliance with standards and legislation. Our professionals work with complex organizational networks and environments, identifying where threats, risks and vulnerability converge. Our unique and systemic approach to security audits seeks to identify vulnerabilities in the way organizations operate, their dependencies and relationships to external influences, exposure to variables and what risks are created within these linked systems.

Services Include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhance Policies & Protocols
  • Development of Safety Standards
  • Threat-Specific Staff Training
  • IT Penetration Testing (Red Team)
  • Security & Vendor Selection
  • Infrastructure Modifications
  • PIPEDA, HIPAA, HITECH Compliance Audits
  • Decision-Making Systems
  • SSAE 16 Compliance Audits
  • CAN/CSA Z662 Compliance Audits
  • NERC CIP Compliance Audits
  • CAN/CAS Z246 Compliance Audits