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    About Us

    As a multi-national independent adjusting firm, ClaimsPro's team of adjusters provides our clients with local expertise supported by broader multi-national geographic coverage. We have offices in major cities across the United States and Canada and provide adjusting services wherever our clients do business.

From ClaimsPro’s inception nearly 45 years ago as a small group of independent adjusters, to our status today as a multi-national independent adjusting firm, our actions have been motivated by a single question—how can we use our skills and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals?

Our journey to answer this question has encouraged a continuous evolution of the ways in which we work, do business, and the services we provide. All this has been fuelled by continuous conversations with our clients, including years of listening, talking, working together through challenges, and sharing successes.

Our Purpose: To make our clients better.

Our Vision: To be the engine of client performance through the insurance value chain, and beyond.

Our Mission: To be the most recommended company in all markets we serve.

How we work

Motivated by the need to understand exactly where and how to improve our own services, we’ve developed powerful, proprietary claims management software, iAdjust™. This technology empowers us to measure and track not only our performance on a daily basis but also key claims data for our clients, helping them gain a better understanding of their exposures and implement proactive risk management strategies.

As we work with our clients we are constantly proposing new solutions, refining our processes, evaluating and measuring our performance, communicating our findings, and measuring again. It’s a continuous progression empowered by conversation and our ability to measure performance and track progress.

What our clients value the most

Today we leverage the unlimited reporting power of iAdjust™ to show our clients how and why our partnership brings value to their business. Above all else, our clients value our desire to help them succeed and our ability to demonstrate the tangible value of their partnership with us. As our clients’ businesses and needs evolve, so too do the ways in which we provide them with the valuable tools, services, and knowledge they need.

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