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Our Technologies

Claims handling is one of the world's most information-intensive businesses, which is why technology is critical to best-in-class service. Technology also brings the added benefits of improved productivity and increased intelligence through analytics.


Leading Claims Management Technology

Our efficient approach to claims handling and our enhanced reporting capabilities are powered by the groundbreaking iAdjust™ software. This proprietary claims adjusting and data management system helps record an unlimited amount of loss data and claims information with increased accuracy, frequency, and consistency.

Not only do we use this system to help manage our claims, but we also provide our clients with direct client access through a secure web portal. This keeps our clients apprised of any updates and allows them to monitor the progress of their claim.

What can iAdjust™ do for me?

  • Access real-time claims information whenever you want via a secure web portal
  • Confirm the status of a file
  • Review all file notes (police reports, contractor estimates, etc.)
  • Send handling instructions directly to the adjuster
  • Read adjuster notes
  • See claims photos
  • Review loss payments, reserves, and transaction history
  • Share claim information with other stakeholders
  • Generate ad-hoc reports
  • Create custom fields and reports as needed

Is iAdjust™ for me?

iAdjust™ harnesses the latest technology to deliver exemplary service to clients resulting in superior risk management information gathering, distribution, and analysis.

Our users include:

  • Insurance providers
  • Adjusters
  • Service providers
  • Any organization in need of a process or platform to capture incident and claims information


  • Real-time access to claims data via a web interface
  • Access to your claims, wherever you are located
  • Up to the minute reporting on files
  • Follow a claim, step-by-step
  • Centralized communication hub for all stakeholders involved with a claim
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality

Security You Can Trust

All ClaimsPro systems are secured by 2048-bit SSL encryption, with access granted only to individuals who have authenticated themselves with a user ID and password. Levels of access within the application are configurable by user, ensuring that each person can see only the information they are entitled to see. We also secure client information by requiring written confirmation from the client before we create additional system logins.

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