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People watching a presentation - Five Quick Tips for employers to build workplace resiliency

Five Quick Tips: For Employers to Build Workplace Resiliency

Resilient individuals are able to deal with traumatic, stressful, uncomfortable, or difficult situations in a calm and rational manner. Coping with such situations in this way protects these individuals from experiencing psychological harm and, when extended to the workplace environment, reduces additional risks to others working alongside them. Resiliency is a learned behavior, which means that everyone has the ability to define and develop these characteristics within themselves and their environment. Employers can use simple strategies to build and maintain workplace resiliency.

Download our newest educational tool titled "Five Quick Tips for Employers to Build Workplace Resiliency".

3D render of the human body with an x-ray effect - Chronic Pain: The importance of a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment

Chronic Pain: The Importance of a Multidiscipinary Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

How does Chronic Pain affect the outcome of an injury or painful condition? What can employees, managers, and health care professionals do to learn more about the treatment options for Chronic Pain?

Click here to download our white paper titled "Chronic Pain: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment".

This white paper explores the realities of chronic pain in our society and the effects of chronic pain in the workplace. Both employers and insurers will benefit from further discussion of this topic. One in five Canadians suffer from chronic pain, and more than 70% of these cases report that they simultaneously suffer from depression. These statistics impact not only the workplace, but society at large, and this white paper explores the various approaches and methodologies that can be used when faced with this reality.

This white paper demonstrates Cira Medical Services' continuing commitment to helping Canadians live healthier lives, and reaffirms our mission to facilitate helpful and informative dialogue among employees, employers, and the medical services industry.

Group of people in for a huddle with their hands overlapping - Cira Medical services CARF accreditation survey report summary

Cira Medical Services' CARF Accreditation Survey Report Summary

As competition in the industry increases, how do Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) providers prove that they have the quality and breadth of services that you expect?

Learn how the CARF accreditation reinforces Cira Medical Services’ commitment to helping Canadians live healthier lives by downloading the Accreditation Survey Report Summary. This report indicates how this certification helps Cira Medical Services stand out from the competition to become one of the preeminent resources for a variety of medical services.

Cira’s medical health professionals are leaders in their respective fields and provide a quality of service renowned across the country. Find out why earning CARF certification justifies Cira Medical Services’ stellar reputation in the industry.

The report will highlight what makes a CARF certification sought after and significant in the industry, and why earning this certification ensures Cira Medical Services’ bright future.

Digital artwork depicting the globe over computer hardware - Emerging trends in the independent medical evaluation industry

Emerging Trends in the Independent Medical Evaluation Industry

There are several key trends shaping the independent medical evaluations industry. How will it impact your business?

Download Emerging Trends in the Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Industry, a free report from Cira Medical Services, which looks at the significant trends that have shaped the IME industry over the last two decades.

The report highlights why IME customers are increasingly choosing vendors who deliver services on a national scale, the need for a stronger emphasis on service standards and collaboration with stakeholders, as well as trending data technology that is helping identify process improvements and cost savings.

The report also provides an overview on the role IME providers play in future policy and legislative reforms – the single greatest driver of industry-wide change.

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