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What Does It Mean To Be An Assessor With An IME Company? 

As a physician or allied health professional, you have valuable services to offer the medical legal community, insurance companies, and corporations across the country. Most often these industries partner with an independent medical evaluation (IME) company to procure these services and to facilitate the assessment process. IME assessors meet with the individual to be assessed, review pertinent medical history, conduct an evaluation, and communicate subsequent findings in a report.

Cira Medical Services (Cira) supports its assessors with experienced administrative and health professionals so that the assessment process is simple and efficient.

Advantages of being an assessor with Cira Medical Services

As the largest provider of IMEs in the country, we conduct more assessments than any other company, and can therefore provide our assessors with a predictable volume of assessments. Our assessors also enjoy the financial stability offered by our standard payment terms (Net 30 days). We have established these terms and reliable assessment volumes because we appreciate the work our assessors do.

A simple process that lets you focus on what you do best

Our assessment process has evolved over twenty-five years with the help of our in-house insurance and medical experts, who take into account regular feedback from our assessors. We’ve kept the process as streamlined and efficient as possible so that you can focus on the assessment.

  • We schedule the assessments and manage all the documents from intake to reporting and billing.
  • We compile the chart in an easy-to-use format and make it accessible to you on our industry-leading IT platform.
  • We provide you with an office space to conduct the assessment.
  • We provide full transcription services for you regardless of the location of the assessment.
  • We ensure that everything is set up and organized between the examinee and the referral source.
  • We manage late cancellations and no-shows (which we aim to keep to a minimum)—for which you are still compensated.

More importantly, we act as the gatekeeper between you and the client, handling their requests while keeping your interests and preferences in mind. Ultimately our assessment process was designed around the needs of our assessors, and feedback to date has confirmed its success.

Support from a team of professionals

Our in-house team of clinical coordinators and quality assurance experts, all of whom have valuable clinical and industry experience, ensures that you are only referred assessments which are within your scope of expertise and that at every step, our clinicians are available on a consultative basis when required. 

Depending on the nature of the referral, our assessors may be asked to present their findings in court and in arbitration. We similarly support them in these instances with administrative and consultative support and ensure they are paid for any time spent on these components of the assessment process.

To learn more about becoming an Assessor with Cira, please contact us:

Cira Medical Services 
An SCM Company 
T: 800.483.3926 

Cira Medical Services, a national provider of Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) services, helps manage clinical risk objectively and cost effectively through a delivery model that improves cycle time by providing valuable clinical coordination, medical supervision, and quality assurance throughout the assessment process.

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