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Clinical Outcome Solutions to Support a Healthy Return to Work

Cira partners with employers and their stakeholders to diagnose and support employees that have sustained or developed a medical condition or injury. Our clinical care team, which is comprised of medical experts, clinical health coordinators, and a medical director, helps determine:

  • The medical prognosis as it relates to short- and long-term disability
  • What treatments are required based on the medical assessment
  • Whether or not the employee can return to work and what accommodations are required

With an accurate diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan, employers have the tools they need to support their employees on their path to optimal recovery.

The Critical First Step: A Proper Diagnosis

A proper and timely diagnosis is a critical step on the path to recovery, especially for mental health conditions. Our health professionals are experts in their fields, and as such have the experience required to provide timely and accurate diagnoses. We also offer treatment plan recommendations so that corporate human resources departments (HR) and case managers can support the employee’s health and well-being.

Proactive and Preventative

Many employers are embracing more proactive and preventative solutions to help their employees obtain a professional diagnosis before an issue develops into a long-term illness or injury. With a professional diagnosis by Cira’s top health experts, employers and employees are empowered with the knowledge they need to begin treatment and recovery.

Support Employees and Manage Confidential Information

As an independent medical provider that operates according to proper protocols and best practices, we serve as a trusted partner to manage confidential medical information from a clinical perspective. Acting as a conduit between general practitioners, HR, and case managers, we manage all medical information in confidence and provide expert consultation.

Cira helps protect the employee and the employers from any complications surrounding medical disclosure while also supporting them on the path to recovery.

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Throughout the assessment process, we’ll provide consultative guidance, selecting appropriate assessments and ensuring that employers and their employees obtain a clear and concise knowledge of the medical assessment outcomes and recommendations. You’ll have access to physician and clinical advice every step of the way so that you and your employees can feel confident about the clinical services and consultations you are receiving.

Contact us to learn more about our clinical services for employers.

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