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Providing Life and Health services

Life and Health Solutions

As a leading provider of independent medical assessment services in Canada, Cira operates with the goal of advancing employee health through timely diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Working with life and health providers, Cira provides targeted solutions to support and complement existing workplace health and disability programs.

With a roster of over 1000 medical specialists, Cira offers time-sensitive, professional, and cost-effective medical expertise to help case managers and plan providers determine:

  • The medical prognosis as it relates to short- and long-term disability
  • What treatments are required based on the medical assessment
  • Whether or not the employee can return to work and what accommodations are required

We are invested in building constructive partnerships with disability providers. Our clinical coordinators, health professionals, and medical director all work in partnership with case managers and other stakeholders to facilitate the employee’s optimal treatment pathway.

The Critical First Step: A Clinical Diagnosis

We enhance the disability provider’s capacity to manage cases through our ability to provide clinical diagnoses from medical experts. A proper and timely diagnosis is a critical step on the path to recovery, especially for mental health issues.

Our health professionals are experts in their fields, and as such have the experience required to provide timely and accurate diagnoses. They also offer treatment plan recommendations so that corporate human resources (HR) departments and case managers can support the employee’s health and well-being.

Advantages of Partnering with Cira

Unbiased, expert medical consultation for complex cases and comorbidity.

Our size, coupled with our in-house expertise, allows us to collaborate with medical experts and specialists who are capable of handling everything from straight-forward to complex cases. We offer specialized support from an industry-leading clinical coordination department, including occupational health expertise. Each case is overseen by our medical director, providing yet another layer of clinical review and expertise.

Nationwide presence

With branches across Canada, we operate coast to coast and can arrange assessments even in remote locations.

Communication and collaboration

Cira works with various stakeholders to ensure that both clinical and functional issues are identified within the context of the workplace. If requested, Cira’s assessors and occupational health specialists can also liaise with the employee’s treating health practitioners to facilitate an optimal treatment pathway.

Our services for life and health providers can address physical, mental, and allied health requirements through:

Medical Services:

  • Independent Medical Examination
  • Independent Medical File Review

Vocational Services:

  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Transferrable Skills Analysis
  • Labour Market Survey

Functional Services:

  • Functional Capacity / Abilities Evaluation
  • Job Site / Demands Analysis
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Pre- and Post-Placement Medicals

Health Assess™
Enhancing the standard for workplace physical and mental health

Health Assess™ is an enhanced medical assessment model that offers medical diagnosis and clinical consultation. Health Assess™ is targeted to shorten or prevent absences, improve employee engagement, and enhance the workplace environment. This resource is ideal when paired with a third-party service that facilitates ongoing disability management, employee support, or case management.

Learn more about Cira’s Health Assess™.

Contact us to learn more about our clinical solutions for Life and Health providers.

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