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Services for Insurers

Cira Services for Property & Casualty Insurance Providers

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Cira has been providing independent medical services to the property and casualty industry for over twenty years. As such, we understand the importance of providing objective, defensible reports in a timely manner.

We also understand the crucial differences between provincial legislation across the country (Part 7 Benefits, Section B Benefits, SABS, CSST, and SAAQ to name a few) and can ensure that our assessors prioritize their professional obligations with their respective governing bodies and legislation—as well as their obligations under the Rules of Civil Procedure for expert witnesses.

We work efficiently, transparently, and collaboratively, ultimately to help you determine whether or not the injury was caused by the incident in question.

Our services specifically for property and casualty insurers include:

Medical Services

  • Independent Medical Examination
  • Independent Medical File Review

Vocational Services

  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Transferrable Skills Analysis
  • Labour Market Survey

Functional Services

  • Functional Capacity/Abilities Evaluation
  • Job Site/Demands Analysis
  • In-Home Assessment
  • In-Home Implementation
  • Attendant Care Assessment
  • Cost of Future Care Assessment

Contact us to learn more about our specialized services for property and casualty insurers.

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