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Health Assess™

Health Assess™ 

Doctor performing a blood pressure test on a patient

Cira Medical Services offers a unique service to enhance Canadian workplaces. Health Assess™ manages clinical risk through customized, efficient, and objective medical consultation services to improve productivity and optimize employee engagement.

Innovative support for your health and wellness program

Health Assess™ is a program designed to address mental and physical health conditions. By focusing on an accurate diagnosis and a holistic approach to identifying potential barriers to recovery, Health Assess™ helps reduce the duration of absence and drug claim costs while increasing employee satisfaction. Health Assess™ empowers your organization to promote and maintain a well-managed, supportive, and productive work environment.

Enhancing the standard for workplace physical and mental health

Health Assess™ is a medical assessment enhanced by clinical consultation, with the goal of providing a timely medical diagnosis so that the employee is empowered with the knowledge needed to move towards treatment and recovery. With Health Assess™, employees benefit from a supportive experience, allowing them to navigate the medical process with ease. Likewise, employers benefit from the knowledge that their employees are receiving medical support and communication regarding their restrictions and limitations at work during the active medical problem. Both benefit from a process that ensures patient confidentiality while providing a framework of support.

Ultimately, Health Assess™ supports everyone in the workplace—managers, employees, human resource departments, unions, company medical directors, health and wellness facilitators, and health and safety coordinators.

Cira’s Health Assess™ was designed in response to employers who recognize that investing in employee health will shorten or prevent absences, improve employee engagement, and enhance the workplace environment. For employers, the mental and physical well-being of their employees is an integral component to organizational success.

When should you use Health Assess™?

Health Assess™ can be used as a proactive approach to address intermittent absence and performance issues. Alternatively, it can be requested after an employee goes on disability leave as a service to offer support for the employee’s illness or injury.

The Cira Advantage

At Cira Medical Services, we understand organizational health. Our solutions proactively identify clinical risk factors which may be preventing optimal employee health. Cira offers a timely diagnosis to identify the medical condition impacting an employee’s condition, as well as any clinically related interdependencies.

Take a proactive approach to supporting health and productivity in your workplace today.

Contact us to learn how we can help enhance your health and wellness program.

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