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Health Reach™

Cira Medical Services’ Health Reach™

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Leveraging Cira’s medical expertise to provide an employee-focused solution for added clinical support around a known health condition.

Health Reach is a confidential, voluntary service to employees who are either at work, or away from the workplace with a known health condition. The service includes a medical file review, including review of the employee’s historical documents, administrative documents that relate to an employee’s medical condition. Cira’s independent medical professionals carefully review such documentation and present an impartial opinion on whether, for example, an employee is on the best path to treatment recommendations.

All communication is provided through telephone consultation with a Cira Registered Nurse who is specially trained to support occupational health goals. In this way, Cira provides added clinical support to a known condition to support the employee with timely, confidential, and expert medical support. The employee is empowered to feel in control of his or her health including care/case info, recovery progress, and next steps.

Cira’s Health Reach™ service supports your employees’ personal health and productivity goals. It does so by offering enhanced health benefits including:

  • Instant access to a registered nurse for consultation
  • Timely medical file review and access to a network of support service providers
  • All local providers—access to over 500 health experts in Canada
  • Assistance finding a top specialist in Canada
  • Help navigating the Canadian healthcare system
  • Expert advice for the employee about the medical condition
  • Aggregate reporting to employers on health trends in Canada
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer consultations between Cira assessors and the employee’s treating physician

By adopting Health Reach™, employers benefit from a productive work environment and enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are offering the highest level of confidential support to promote the health and well-being of each employee.

Please contact us to learn more about our specialized services for life and health providers.

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