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Medical Legal Community

Cira Services for the Medical Legal Community

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Cira’s medical experts provide objective, third-party, and defensible medical opinions that are valued and trusted by Canada’s medical legal community. Moreover, the process by which Cira delivers these opinions is streamlined and seamless, reducing legal risk and maintaining third-party confidentiality to ensure complete impartiality to the process.

Built on a foundation of trust and respect

Cira has been providing services to Canada’s medical legal community since 1989.

Unparalleled roster of medical professionals

Cira’s partnered assessors are highly-trained individuals at the forefront of their respective specialties and are experienced and comfortable in presenting findings at trial. Credible testimony also stems from depth of knowledge. Assessors recruited by Cira represent some of the most prominent and respected clinical experts in Canada across 46 specialties.

The quality of Cira’s roster of assessors is supported and continuously enhanced through the application of a rigorous credentialing process that tracks the experience level and expertise of each assessor.

Quality reports backed by expert advice

Cira produces defensible, clear, and concise reports, prepared within timelines specific to each case. This is possible through Cira’s in-house expertise:

1) Clinical Coordination
Cira’s Clinical Coordination team is comprised of registered health professionals and industry experts who work as a team to provide valuable consultation for medical legal files and requests. Clinical coordinators offer invaluable support for complex files to ensure that the right assessments are booked the first time, saving you time and money.

2) Quality Assurance
Made up of clinical professionals with relevant backgrounds and expertise, Cira’s Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that each report meets the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, and expertise.

3) Medical Direction
Cira’s entire assessment process is closely supervised by its in-house Medical Director, who works with Cira’s various clinical teams on a day-to-day basis to maintain the medical integrity of operations. Cira’s medical infrastructure provides its clients with what they need most: trust and confidence in the assessment reports they receive.

National coverage, regional presence

Cira’s national expertise stems from a streamlined framework with centralized, medically-qualified management and control of all processes. This centralization minimizes the points of contact and ensures a clear and concise flow of information. The result is excellence in quality, reduced scheduling time, effective error control, and consistency in process, report quality, and format across the country.

With regional offices from coast to coast, Cira accesses a network of over 1,000 assessors to ensure preferred availability across Canada.

Please contact us to learn more about our medical legal services.

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