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Improve File Progression with iAssess™

Cira Medical Services offers an exciting new data platform to improve and enhance file progression with speed and efficiency. iAssess™ will help clients, assessors, and Cira's employees to maximize efficiency and optimize the progression of a given file, resulting in positive outcomes for all stakeholders in the medical assessment process and a positive impact to people's health.

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iAssess™ is an industry-leading system that revolutionizes data storage and information management as it pertains to medical file progression. iAssess™ is an innovative and proprietary data platform that delivers secured access, 24/7 to clients, assessors, and staff. Additionally, iAssess™ will improve ease of referral as well as communication and administration, thus saving time and reducing hassle. Developed in-house by a team of talented IT professionals with specialized industry expertise, this technology features a client interface designed to enhance the customer experience. 

Track and Manage a Medical Claim Securely from Anywhere

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  • Monitor status of each file with real-time visibility
  • View and enter notes
  • Review reports online through secured portal
  • Review upcoming and scheduled appointments
  • Monitor file progression
  • Access an overview of all files and associated KPI’s
  • Submit new referrals
  • Upload/download documentation securely

Enhancing The Customer Experience For Cira Clients

Clients are fully-integrated into iAssess™, thanks to the Client Portal. Coming soon, this portal gives clients the ability to submit new referrals, determine the status of a submitted report in real time, view and enter notes, review reports and other released documentation, review upcoming appointment details, and review their history of submission information. This sophisticated technology keeps a client fully up-to-date on the status of a file and ensures optimal file progression and effective communication surrounding a file. Watch for the launch of this portal soon!

Helping Our Assessors Do What They Do Best

For assessors, iAssess™ represents another reason why Cira is the leading national provider of medical assessments in Canada and the partner of choice by leading insurers, legal firms, and employers.  

  • View details on all upcoming appointments
  • Set reminders for due dates
  • Download medical charts
  • Upload reports
  • Manage schedules
  • Record appointment outcomes
  • Receive important updates
Detailed zoomed in view of a report from the iAssess system

To learn more about iAssess™ and how you can benefit from this new proprietary technology from Cira, please email us at

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