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Cira Medical Services Launches iAssess™


TORONTO, June 2, 2014— Cira Medical Services (Cira), a leading Canadian provider of independent medical assessments and health services, is excited to announce the launch of iAssess™, an innovative new technology platform that revolutionizes data storage and information management as it pertains to medical file progression.

iAssess™ is a proprietary data platform that delivers secured access, 24/7 to clients, assessors, and staff. Developed in-house by a team of talented IT professionals with specialized industry expertise, this technology features three interfaces to ensure collaboration among the various stakeholders throughout the life of a file: 1) a secured internal data management system for Cira Personnel to manage a medical claim from beginning to end, 2) a secured client portal designed to enhance the customer experience, and 3) a secured portal for Cira’s network of independent medical professionals.

The iAssess™ Client Portal creates the ability to submit new referrals, determine the status of a submitted report in real time, view and enter notes, review reports and other released documentation, review upcoming appointment details, and review their history of submission information. This sophisticated technology keeps a client fully up-to-date on the status of a file and ensures optimal file progression and effective communication surrounding a file. iAssess™ also manages data in a sophisticated way to generate client reports based on key performance indicators.

For Cira’s network of healthcare professionals, iAssess™ strengthens their partnership to deliver the highest quality of services across Canada. The iAssess™ Assessor Portal provides online appointment scheduling and updates in real-time. The assessor can upload his or her scheduling availabilities, review details on all upcoming appointments, be reminded of report due dates, download medical charts, upload reports, and record appointment outcomes. This comprehensive platform ensures that assessors cannot only manage their files, but monitor and improve them as well.

“As an organization that is committed to helping Canadians live healthier lives, Cira is proud to lead this new forefront of innovation and change to drastically improve the way we provide services,” said Karen Seward, President, Cira Medical Services. “Cira’s iAssess™ marks a next evolution in leveraging communications technology to maximize efficiency and optimize file progression, resulting in better outcomes for all stakeholders in the medical assessment process and a positive impact to people’s health.”

The progression of a medical file in a timely, accurate, and expedient way is paramount when facilitating successful outcomes. Cira is committed to helping Canadians live healthier lives, and the launch of iAssess™ reaffirms that commitment to clients, assessors, and Cira staff alike.

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